Teppei Kiyoshi
Vital statistics
Title Lorenzo
Gender male
Age 18
Race Human
Nationality Italian
Faction The Ravens
Health 100
Level 55
Status Alive
Location Banoi Island Peninsula

"Listen, take anything worth something, someone somehow killed all of these people, so these people won't be missing them, and we might as well take all of these weapons and food before someone comes back and takes them. Loot the bodies, bungalows, boxes, anything. It's better that they are dead, We don't have to trade anything. Shayne will be very glad, maybe we could even move our base of operations in the jungle to here."

Description Edit

Lorenzo is Second-In-Command of The Ravens and is in charge whenever Shayne is not around or busy. He is very loyal and quite vengeful. He is closet to Shayne and is there for his second in command. He is usually seen with Shayne and the gangs' lieutenants. He isn't the smartest of the group but he is very tactical and a good leader too. Lorenzo is usually calm but easily agitated.

background Edit

Lorenzo wasn't the smartest of his siblings, and was usually rejected from his family because of it. He didn't mind though. He didn't even want to go to an up tight private school anyway. He gladly enforces the gangs' rules.

Character Bio Edit

"I wasn't a smart child, I didn't go to any highschools for honors students, I didn't want to either, all of those type of people are douche bags, and I didn't want to become one of them, My friends are great people and wouldn't reject me if I was smart or dumb, or anything else...unlike my family."

Notes Edit

  • The images of Lorenzo are actually images of Teppei Kiyoshi from Kuroko No Basuke.

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