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Vital statistics
Title Shayne
Gender male
Age 18
Race Human
Nationality Irish
Faction The Ravens
Health 110
Level 60
Status Alive
Location Banoi Island Peninsula

"We are The Ravens. We aren't any thugs out in Moresby, nor are we any looters out in the Jungle. The Ravens don't kill the innocent. I'm not saying we're perfect, No. We'll trade supplies with anyone that comes to us with an offer, and if we see anyone in trouble, eh, we'll help the out. But The Ravens are definitely a force not to fuck with! Just because we're kind doesn't mean we're not smart and ready to let people know who the fuck we are!"

Description Edit

Shayne is the leader of The Ravens, He is one of the main protagonist of The Dead Island Manga series. He is extremely smart and a quick thinker, making him an effective leader. Not only is he smart, but he is quite tough too. He close friends with all his lieutenants, and makes sure every member is trustworthy, he oversee's the entire gang, and proudly shows his gang colors too. Shayne does not tolerate much and doesn't listen to most people who rudely give him orders. He's set up multiple locations all over Banoi and makes sure that they are guarded at all times from infected and looters, He perfectly balances Defense with Offense.

Background Edit

Shayne was a cleaver child and student, getting into every honors class and always getting straight A's. He is also very athletic, able to outfight almost anyone if he wanted to. He's known his lieutenants since a young age and is very protective of them all. He's always been a natural born leader and is not afraid to take charge to anybody.

Character Bio Edit

"I might be friendly, but i'm not an idiot, I can tell if someone is lying to me, and you're gonna have a shitload of trouble getting me to talk to you again, trust is my number 1 priority, because with out trust, you have nothing. You're just a lonely shell of a human if no one can trust you. Now I've come to Banoi for a perfect summer vacation on a tropical Island, and I'm going to enjoy it."

Notes Edit

  • The images of Shayne are actually Images of Taiga Kagami from Kuroko No Basuke. I do not own them.

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