The Ravens Insignia, seen all around the resort, Moresby, and the jungle,

"We are The Ravens. We aren't any thugs out in Moresby, nor are we any looters out in the Jungle. The Ravens don't kill the innocent. I'm not saying we're perfect, No. We'll trade supplies with anyone that comes to us with an offer, and if we see anyone in trouble, eh, we'll help the out. But The Ravens are definitely a force not to fuck with! Just because we're kind doesn't mean we're not smart and ready to let people know who the fuck we are!" -The leader of the Ravens giving a speech.

Description Edit

The Ravens are a friendly group of survivors in the Dead island Franchise, unlike the other gangs featured in the series, they don't shoot at other survivors or the heroes. And unlike other gangs, they stay highly organized and have set up multiple locations over the island of Banoi and Palanai. They have several bases in the resort,Moresby, and the jungle, but they do not appear as much in the prison. The Ravens appear in Palanai but are not as common as on Banoi. They have set up an organized system of trade with other survivors and gangs.

Known Members Edit

Equipment Edit

The Ravens somehow own a lot of military grade weapons and hardware, it is possible that the Ravens became powerful by trading, looting, and stealing.

Weapons Edit

  • Pistol
  • Heavy Pistol
  • Short Shotgun
  • Shotgun
  • Auto Rifle
  • Burst Rifle
  • Single Shot Rifle
  • Mounted Machine Gun
  • Flare Gun
  • Revolver
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Most sharp weapons

Trivia Edit

Almost all Raven members wear either dark purple, dark blue, or dark red to show that they are a member, also, all Ravens are required to wear a pendent or bracelet to show that they members, the pendants and members have their name and number on them.

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